• Who is Your Role Model?

    Who is your role model? Role model is someone whom you idealize and try to copy in acts, dressing, way of talk, living. Hence whatever he does you try to imitate. You give importance to his likes and dislikes. Listen to his interviews. If he is an actor, you never miss his dramas and movies. If he is a player, you watch all his matches. You always have this perception that your role model is perfect. If someone tries to humiliate him you are there to defend him.

    When you ask someone about their role model, most probably you will get the answers like name of an actor/actress, a player, a teacher, an army officer, some political leader. There will be very few people with the answer that their role model is Holy Prophet (PBUH) or companions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

    Allah knows that it is our nature that we need a role model for our development. We want to copy someone whom we think is better than us. So Allah says in Quran:

    Indeed in the Messenger of Allah (Muhammad) you have a good example to follow for him who hopes in (the Meeting with) Allah and the Last Day and remembers Allah much. [Ahzab: 21]

    From this ayah, we get to know that Allah has sent us the real role model, whom you can copy and take guidance from in all fields of life. He (PBUH) is a universal role model. When copying him you are always sure, you are following the right path.

    Once Hazrat Ayesha (RA) was asked about the character of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and she replied that his character is Quran. It means he practiced Quran and provide us an example that how can we practice it in our daily lives.

    Holy Prophet (PBUH) had love, mercy, compassion for all creatures. He always showed concern for everyone. He treated everyone with kindness regardless of his being Muslim or Non-Muslim. He was famous for his character even amongst his enemies. He preached Islam to bring mankind from darkness to light. He used to cry and say “Ummati” “Ummati”. His biggest concern was that you (his Ummah) are saved from the fire of hell and you (his Ummah) are able to enter jannah. He invested all his life and energy for this purpose. So don’t you think such a person should be you role model who was so much concerned about you?

    The actors, players they are not concerned about you. Following them can take you nowhere. But following Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his sunnah’s can bring you good rewards. Don’t you think you need good deeds which can take you to jannah? Along with the Prophet (PBUH), his companions and mothers of Ummah are the best personalities who set example for Muslims of all time. They taught us how a life of Muslim should be and practically showed us the example.

    Allah said that on the day of resurrection you will be with those whom you loved, and use to follow in this world. So it’s time to decide who is your role model? And with whom you want to be with on the Day of Judgment?

    May Allah give us the strength to follow the righteous people so that we are with them on the day of resurrection. Ameen


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