Too often people believe in this worldly fallacy that everything that has the tendency to give you joy and inner peace is forbidden in Islam and is not to be practiced. Islam says no drink, no love and joy……so how would you ever live happily?

What people don’t understand is that real delight is in living civilly and obliging to rules that Allah created and not divert, this will lead to inner peace and a peaceful soul is indeed a happy soul. I think the concept of happiness in Islam is very relative in today’s fast paced society. Some people derive happiness out of adultery, some alcohol and some by indulging in activities like socializing and useless expenditure of money and other resources. What people don’t realize is that these activities are forbidden in pretty much all religions and faiths and just to prove a point, these activities are done in order to fill a void that can very well be filled by just creating a long lasting relationship with Allah in the first place. The truth is that Islamic rules do not at all go against the natural urges of the human being but teaches us to live in a subtle manner, keeping things in order and not lose the real purpose of life along the way, which is only fulfillment of Allah’s rules and staying on his path. As a matter of fact, the central role of the Islamic rules is to cultivate the human behavior and to enable humans to master their natural urges, instead of being enslaved by them.aThis world is not permanent and the teachings and rules of Islam simply work as guidance for those who want to ascend and help get a better understanding of what’s right and wrong and what is actually everlasting. Hence, real happiness does not exist in materialistic and temporal enjoyment or in how much we own of that. True happiness is in the fact we live our life as humans [elevated beings] and succeed in fulfilling the mission of our creation, which is servitude.

happiness in islam

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